Mimoco has taken a ubiquitous device, the usb flash drive, and made it something fun, collectable and unique. The branding for each product has to be just as fun and unique. Each product has to reflect the format of Mimoco’s Mimobot and the franchise it represents. Whether it is Star Wars, Batman or Emily the Strange each Mimobot has to resect and live up to their fan base. Thankfully Mimoco’s are designed by contemporary character artists, preloaded with original media content like music, video, animations, or games, and produced in limited runs of usually between 500 to 5,000 units, MIMOBOTs merge the aesthetics of art toys with the functionality of USB flash drives.

Scott Seraydarian at Lunch Productions hired me to edit and create some motion graphics for a series of Mimoco videos. It was important to pick certain sound queues, logos and mood to help the viewers know they were watching a Mimoco video but still stay true to the nature of the guests fan base. I enjoyed working on any celebrity, creator or first look video. These videos have a look and feel that appeals to the core demographic of Mimoco.